Our Mission

New-era for Energy Distribution

Our goal is to become a driving force in the development of the new energy sector, bringing more fair, transparent, and user-friendly products to our customers. We hope that through our efforts, more people can participate in the construction of this network and share in its achievements.

What we are pursuing is to solve the problems existing in the market and avoid being trapped again in this crucial infrastructure sector. The lesson the market has taught us is that as end users, we do not want to be subjected to a 'platform tax' in this emerging field. We do not want to see our market share eroded by powerful platforms that arbitrarily impose additional fees and costs while keeping us in a weak position.

Thanks to blockchain technology, this has become possible. We hope to gather everyone's strength to drive the energy revolution and ensure that such an important infrastructure remains open and belongs to the public. We aim for platforms to empower everyone instead of continuing to confine us.

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