Payment Settlement

After completing the charging in sharing mode, a fiat currency bill will be generated based on the price set in advance by the owner of the charging station. The system will add 5% to the base price as a network fee. The network fee is not submitted to any third party, but is destroyed in real-time from the $PPD staked by the provider of the charging station, corresponding to the price.

Example: John, as the owner of the charging station, sets a rate of $1 per kilowatt-hour during the 12am-6am time period. Anthony charges 30 kilowatt-hours using John's charging station during this time period. At the end of the charging session, the system automatically generates a bill of $30 * 1.05 = $31.5, that's how much Anthony needs to pay to John . After receiving $31.5, John settles by destroying $PPD worth $1.5 from his previously staked $PPD at real-time prices.

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