Design Concept

  1. Convenient installation and portability: Whether you are an owner of a new energy vehicle or a charging station, our adapter hardware can be easily installed on the charging station with a simple plug-and-play process, becoming a crucial link between the charging station and the vehicle.

  2. Accurate and internet-connected data: Built-in strict measurement equipment ensures reliable key data during the charging process.

  3. Smarter charging: Implementing tiered electricity pricing based on local rates, allowing you to schedule timed charging for your beloved vehicle.

  4. Compatible with various standard adapters: If you choose an adapter with different plug standards, besides accurately measuring the electricity consumption, this adapter can also help your vehicle match various country-specific charging stations, making it a handy tool for cross-country road trips.

  5. Design style in line with the times: We assume that you are an environmentally-conscious global citizen who loves new technologies. Our latest intelligent hardware design perfectly complements your taste and personality.

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