📟PowerPod Pulse I

Our new/first product, the PowerPod Pulse I, is designed to revolutionize the way you experience technology. With its cutting-edge design and user-friendly interface, the Pulse I promises to enhance your way to charge your EVs. PowerPod Pulse I only can connect to a AC charger.

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User Manual

  1. Device binding

  • Open the App Store or Google Play, search for "PowerPod APP," and download.

  • Connect your own charging station/charger to the device, connect another end of the device to the vehicle.

  • Start the charging station to charge the car (just like how you connected and started charging before). The PowerPod Pulse I's screen will display the device's QR code.

  • Open the PowerPod APP, tap the"Add a device" or "+" button in the top right corner, then scan the device's QR code to pair and binding.

  1. Self-using mode

Once you finished above step, you can award $PT everytime when you charge your car.

  1. Shared mode

Shared mode needs manual activation inside our APP, which is not coexistence with self-using mode.

  • Enter the device details page.

  • Turn on the shared mode switch, set your sharing -related and price information. When setting prices, please fully consider your electricity price, parking space usage fees, and other expenses.

  • APP will generate a QR code. Download the shared QR code. You can print the QR code and paste it near the charging station for shared payments.

  • You (the owner) can award $PT everytime when your charger is working.

When other driver wants to use your charger via PowerPod Pulse I:

  • Insert the gun head of PowerPod Pulse I into his/her vehicle.

  • Scan the shared QR code via PowerPod APP.

  • Select charging duration and make payment.

  • Your car should be charged.

P.S. When a driver purchases charging service, be careful to choose the appropriate time. If you purchased a 2-hour charging service but only charged for 1.5 hours, the remaining half hour of service is non refundable.

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