Frequently asked questions

Here are some frequently asked questions:

  1. When can I receive the Pulse I?

We know you must be eager to get the equipment as soon as possible, but during pre-order process, you may need about 45 days to allow the equipment is assembled, inspected, and shipped.

In a normal sales process, as long as the equipment is in stock, we will ship it quickly, and it is expected to take about 10 days to receive according to your region.

  1. Do I need to insert a SIM card into the Pulse I?

When leaving the factory, we have inserted a SIM card for you and prepared a data serviceplan that can be used for at least 3 months. Afterwards, you can use $PPD to pay for your annual data plan (we will inform you how to do that. This SIM card is specifically designed for this hardware (Pulse I), please do not use it for other purposes.

SIM cards are also region/area sensitive, and we have set the country in which SIM card works based on the address you provided when purchasing the device. If you bring your device to another country, it may not be able to communicate (SIM card may stop working). In addition, just like your mobile service, the communication situation of the device will also be affected by the signal coverage provided by your local wireless service provider.

  1. If I have two cars with different charging interfaces/connectors, do I need to buy two equipment?

We think this situation is likely to occur in the United States. You don't need to buy 2 equipment. We suggest you purchase Pulse I with connectors that meet the 1772 standard, and then buy a PowerPod 1772 to NACS (car) adapter (which will be sold on our website later).

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