What is PowerPod?

We are building the decentralized Internet of Energy, connecting global EVs, charging stations, solar panels, and energy storage into a unified network.

As global citizens, we hope to promote the replacement of traditional fuel vehicles with electric vehicles through an efficient charging network, reduce carbon emissions through cleaner modes of transportation, and maintain the sustainable development of the planet. According to calculations, building this network using traditional methods would require an investment of over $42 billion. It is difficult for a single commercial entity to make such a massive investment. We rely on the widespread participation of communities to construct such a network at a lower cost. Therefore, community involvement is the path to building a charging network for cars and achieving the aforementioned vision. Additionally, this project ensures that each participant receives positive incentives and brings greater value to the network through technological advancements and continuous iterations, empowering both the network and the community. Hence, technology is our guarantee for realizing this vision.

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